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Online psychotherapy & counseling


The therapist makes use of technology in order to cover the need of individuals, who for various reasons (e.x. illness, living far away from mental health services, unusual working schedules, expatriates who want to express themselves in their mother language) are not able to have in- person sessions.


Sessions are scheduled & take place in the same way as in- person sessions. At a given day and time, the therapist and the client/patient meet.

Conditions for a high quality session is that therapist & client can talk undisturbed, in a comfortable and safe environment.

What about quality & confidentiality?

The quality standards of the therapy provided are kept at high levels. The professional standard & confidentiality follow the guidelines of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP).


For acute suicidal crisis, dissociative states or acute psychotic episodes is online psychotherapy contraindicated.


Studies have shown that, if certain rules are being respected, online psychotherapy can be as effective as in- person therapy.

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