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What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, as the word indicates, is a means to cure the psyche (soul). In a broad sense, psychotherapy includes every method that uses psychological means in order to cure somatic or psychological disorders (La Planche & Pontalis, 1981) and relieve psychological suffering.

Psychotherapy takes place in a collaborative, non judgemental, dialoguing process, between the psychotherapist & the person seeking for help. 

When? For whom? How?

Almost half of the human population will suffer psychologically (evtl. in response to a life stressing event) sometime in their lives. Some people can develop chronic difficulties in their every day life & functioning.

What suffering may be like:

- Feeling emotionally drained and worn out.

- Difficulties concentrating, irritability, negative thoughts, sleeping troubles, somatic complaints (headaches, gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue, myosceletal pains) without medical explanation, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, sadness.

- Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, worrying excessively, panic attacks, fears.

- Feeling agressive, difficulties in managing anger.

- Problems establishing & sustaining satisfactory relationships with important others. Communication troubles in relationships. Difficulties intrusting others. Chronic conflicts. 

- Excessive use of alcohol & drugs, self- destructive behaviors, pathological gambling.

- Low self esteem, difficulties taking decisions, disturbing thoughts.

- Reoccuring thoughts and images, hyperarousal, emotional numbness.

Psychological suffering can be acute or chronic & can affect our everyday life to such an extent that functioning at work, at social life, as a partner or a parent can become difficult & exhausting.

During the collaborative psychotherapeutic process, the identification & analysis of underlying behavioral, emotional, interpersonal dysfunctional patterns can help discover more adaptive ways to deal with reality & life as well as reconstruct & restore meaningfulness. Healing & change is thought to be a result of introspection, insight & self- awareness.


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Areas of Work / Settings

I work with persons suffering from: 

depression, burn-out, 

anxiety (generalized anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia),

obsessive-compulsive disorder,

personality disorders,


attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd),

eating disorders,

substance use disorders. 


I accompany individuals, couples or families through difficult life crisis & transitions such as:

grief & bereavement,

parenting challenges,

perinatal difficulties,

somatic illness,

marital confict/ divorce,

unemployment/ job loss/ professional reorientation/ retiring

issues related to expatriation/ migration.

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